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Body wraps are an incredible way to pamper yourself, relax, as well as kickstart systems in your body that promote weight loss and detox. Body wraps have been around for many years, dating back to ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. They are used as therapies designed to heal and detoxify the body, remove excess fat and fluid and tissues, and tighten and nourish the skin. Over the past 30 years, as science and the cosmetic industry have become more advanced, body wraps are now the top of the list of spa treatments that benefit the entire body. At A Beautiful You Body Wrap Spa, you can enjoy all of the benefits body wraps have to offer. 

  How does it work? The science behind body wraps is simple. Just below the skin, there are three layers of fat. Each layer has individual fat cells surrounded my fluids that can accumulate in excess around these cells due to lack of exercise, poor diet, build up of toxins, and aging. Toxins can enter the body through the foods that we eat, the air we breathe, and are absorbed through the pores of our skin from topical products. Normally, our bodies are designed to flush these toxins out through our liver and kidneys, but the amount we take in can often be more than our systems can handle. 

Body wraps contain ingredients designed to draw out these excess fluids and toxins, while restoring nutrients to the body. During the process, you will be covered in a mineral or coffee based substance, and then wrapped in bandages for 60 minutes. While you are lying with the bandages, the toxins and excess fluids in your body will be drawn out, leaving you feeling lighter and more refreshed. Your detoxification systems within your body will be less stressed to filter the overwhelming amount of toxins that enter your body. You can opt to have a full body wrpa, or specify a particular part of your body (legs, arms, lower or upper body) that need specific detox and firming treatment. 

  After your body wrap session you will notice temporary inch loss, softer and firmer skin, and relaxed muscles. You also burn up to 1,000 calories  in one session, while increasing your metabolic rate. A single wrap session will also stimulate your circulatory system, which improves the elimination of waste products and toxins. All of these incredible benefits and be accomplished while lying down. It is an incredible benefit to be able to reset your mind with a calming spa experience while at the same time experience the wonderful health benefits that body wraps provide, that you can both see and feel. 

  The state of the art Alpha Spa Capsule at A Beautiful You Body Wrap Spa is a contoured ergonomic bed with the detoxifying power of a dry sauna. This system is a fantastic addition to the many benefits of body wraps, making the results more powerful as well as more relaxing. Gentle skin cleansing180 degree dry heat, intensive calorie burning vibration, mind calming aromatherapy and gentle sounds of nature allow you to reach your weight loss goals while experiencing a calming and relaxing spa experience.