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Cash Fridays

Save up to $30!
Every 1st Friday of Each Month,  receive 10$ off any bodywrap, 10$ off massage therapy, and 10$ off an Ionic Cellular Detox Footsoak if you pay with Cash.
By appointment only.

Detox. Wellness. Permanent Beauty/Restoration. Memphis’ Original Bodywrap and Massage Therapy Spa

At A Beautiful You Spa, Memphis’ Original Bodywrap and Massage Therapy Spa, every service we offer is provided by people who are passionate about their area of expertise.

With us you will find unique services at our body wraps in Memphis spa that are not offered in the usual spa, and an experience like no other.

State of the Art Spa Capsule

A Beautiful You Bodywrap Spa is the ONLY spot in the tri-state area to offer the state of the art Alpha Spa System. Find out more about the Alpha Spa System and its many health benefits. Come see why A Beautiful You is Memphis' original Bodywrap and Massage Therapy Spa.

Ready for a Total Detox and Calorie Burn?

Imagine burning up to 1000 calories per session, increasing your Metabolic rate both during and after your treatment, stimulating your circulatory system to improve elimination of waste products / toxins, and overall-losing weight & inches – while lying down!