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Alpha Spa System

ALPHA is the world’s most versatile spa machine. ALPHA provides many treatments and benefits that will help you improve your health and change your life. Some of the benefits are:

-Weight Loss and Metabolic Stimulation
-Promotes Perspiration and Detoxification
-Reduces Water Retention
-Relaxation and Relief from Stress
-Soothes Sore Muscles
-Accelerates Recovery after Exercise or Injury
-Enhances Deep Sleep
-Burns Calories Equivalent to Brisk Walking
-Increases Blood Circulation
-Relieves Aches and Pains
-Cleanses Skin and Beautifies Complexion

You’ll enjoy ALPHA’s unique features for better health and peak performance:

-Dry Heat Therapy
-Massage Vibration
-Cool Face Air
-Ergonomic Contour Bed
-Stereo Sound
-Soothing Back Heat
-LCD Controls

Treat yourself to a healthier you

Detox Facials are a relaxing way to cleanse.