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Alkaline Fountain

A Beautiful You-Tummywrap

Alkaline water drawn fresh from our ionizer. Available in 8.5, 9.0, 10.0, & 11.0 Ph.

Enjoy alkaline water for Life. As the vital heart of the water ionizer, the 9 plates are dipped 8 times in medical grade platinum to guarantee strength and purity in every unit. The SMPS technology powers the plates with a steady beat that has been shown to avoid power and pH degradation, unlike other low-tech transformer water ionizers.

Accomplish your health goals with the highest pH performance thanks to the largest plate surface area and most high-tech internal components. Live Life clean and contaminant free with BPA and BPS free tubing AND custom filtration based on the free water quality report and analysis.

$5 per half gallon fill • $10 per Gallon fill

A Beautiful You-Tummywrap