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Oxygen Therapy

Replenish with 95% oxygen therapy available in 4 infused scents based on your needs

15 minutes……..$20

20 minutes……..$25

30 minutes……..$35

What Are Oxygen Therapies?

Oxygen therapies are used to provide more oxygen to the body in order to promote healing and health. They can act on the body in two ways. The first is by supplementing the oxygen in the body. This is oxygenation. The second is where extra oxygen molecules are free to react with another “free radical” molecule. When it reacts to free radical molecules such as toxins or pathogens, for example, it will destroy or “oxidize” them. Some oxygen therapies oxygenate the body; others work by oxidation.


Detoxing Oxygen Therapy is known to assist in naturally manage ailments and illnesses. Oxygen therapies are used to provide more oxygen to the body to promote healing, by both supplementing oxygen to the body to combat free radicals. By promoting oxidation in the body, the following conditions respond favorably to oxygen therapy:

– Diabetes
– High Blood Pressure
– Premature Aging
– Inflammatory diseases
– Fatigue
– Hypoxemia

– Arthritis
– Weight Management
– Lupus
– Varicose Veins
– Cardiovascular Diseases