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Detox Facials

Add Spirulina Mask – $30

Add Caviar Mask – $25

Add Collagen Mask – $20

A Beautiful You-Blueberry Detox

“The Works” Facial

Includes Deep Steam Cleanse, Toner, Scrub or Microdermabrasion, Vacuum, Liquid Facelift, Bio-Lift, & Spirulina Mask


A Beautiful You-Blueberry Detox

Blueberry Detox

Improve splotchy skin, acne, soften skin, look younger, get rid of free radicals & slow down the aging process with our blueberry detox. With super antioxidants such as blueberry pulp, raspberry pulp, green tea, seaweed, flax seed, & vitamin-E, you can’t go wrong with this 100% organic detox for your face.

1Hr – $65

A Beautiful You-Cocoa Cafe

Cocoa Cafe

An organic exfoliant, and possessing potent anti-inflammatory properties; coffee is the ideal treatment for reducing swelling, puffiness, & redness inside your skin. Coffee causes vasoconstriction because caffeine dehydrates skin cells by energizing them, forcing them to release sodium, potassium & water. This also smoothes skin by reducing cellulite.

1Hr – $65

A Beautiful You-Koala Bear Facial

Koala Bear Facial

With eucalyptus being the star player in this facial, its no wonder the koala bear loves to chew on the leaves of this austrailian superplant! Eucalyptus can give you the soft, blemish free skin you desire. Known for its anti inflammatory & anti bacterial benefits, eucalyptus heals skin irritations & eruptions. Ideal for oily skin.

1Hr – $65

A Beautiful You-Liquid Facelift

Liquid Facelift

Loaded with albumin (the tightening ingredient in eggs), & aloe vera – this facial is perfect for extreme skin tightening & shrinking large pores. Also, our collagen/elastin rich serum will continue to keep you “pulled tight” long after your session.

1Hr – $65

A Beautiful You-P.T.G. Skin Lightening Facial

P.T.G. Skin Lightening Facial

If you suffer with age spots, acne scars, discoloration, or just desire a lighter, brighter complexion – discover the solution with our papaya, turmeric and grapefruit facial. This facial contains natural skin lightening ingredients such as organic coconut oil, tapioca, powder, papaya, grapefruit, turmeric powder and citric acid. Also a super exfoliant gentle enough for all skin types.

1Hr – $65

State of the Art Spa Capsule

A Beautiful You Bodywrap Spa is the ONLY spot in the tri-state area to offer the state of the art Alpha Spa System. Find out more about the Alpha Spa System and its many health benefits. Come see why A Beautiful You is Memphis' original Bodywrap and Massage Therapy Spa.