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Myofascial massage is a safe and very effective technique that focuses on releasing muscular shortness and tightness. The process involves applying gentle and sustained pressure into the myofascial connective tissue, in order to eliminate pain and restore motion to your body. A Beautiful You is one of two licensed therapists in the Memphis area that can provide this type of therapy. This type of technique is highly effective hands on method, and does not require the use of oils or special equipment.

To understand myofascial release, it is important to first understand fascia. Fascia is a spiderweb-like matrix that surrounds all of your muscles, organs, nerves, and bones. Essentially, everything  in your body is held together by fascia. It is incredibly flexible and adaptable. Because fascia is such an integrated structure, one pull or hit to it, and the effects will ripple throughout the body. This is why a pain in your legs or hips could be less related to your hip or knee ad more related to your lower back! The natural and fluid state of the fascia can be traumatized, and that causes it to tighten and harden. A “trauma” can be related to dehydration, injury, inflammation, repetitive activity, or any day-to-day damage you could do to your body in every day activities.

During a session with our therapist, you will experience firm, gentle and sustained pressure on the affected area. There will be no “gliding” on the surface of the skin, like traditional massage. Picture a stick of butter, if you jab your finger into it, you will hurt your finger, rather than make any impact on the butter. Rather, if you apply sustained pressure to the butter, you will be able to slowly sink into the stick of butter, melting your way into it. The sustained pressure that you will experience on the restricted tissue will engage the elastic and muscular parts of your soft tissue. For the muscles to achieve a “release”, the stretch must be held for a minimum of 3-5 minutes, and after a series of releases, your muscles and soft tissue become softer and more pliable. This means that your muscles will be released of pressure and pain. A Beautiful You is the perfect place to find relief from restricted movement in your soft tissues, and find relief and full function to those areas again.

If you are wondering if myofascial massage is the therapy best suited for your needs, here are some things to look for. If you have a muscle group that is stiff or in pain, you might have some damage to your fascia. This type of massage is not only beneficial to athletes, because every day activities can cause stress to your body that results in tightness or pain. A Beautiful You Spa has licensed therapists that will help you find the best therapy for you, find that desired muscle release, and have you back to daily life feeling relaxed with full range of motion in your body.