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 Structural Integration enables your body to regain its natural integrity of form, enhancing posture, mobility and vitality. Individuals differ, however, in how readily and sustainably they embody the resulting new way of being in their bodies. Distortions of body structure are primarily caused by responses to life experiences that engender habitual ways of perceiving and moving in the world. Over time, such patterns of response distort the body’s natural form and movement so that structural imbalance becomes self-perpetuating, and may even block opportunities for personal growth.

Sustainable transformation of imbalanced structure involves revising the movements and perceptions that underlie the imbalance. This Movement Integration, a somatic sensory-motor approach to movement education, helps clients optimize and sustain structural ease through balanced movement behavior.

This bodywork has evolved into both a therapy in its own right, and an inherent feature of the  Structural Integration process. 

A bodywork practitioner helps the client become aware of her current perceptual and movement responses. Client and practitioner then explore the sensations of freer and more fluid motion during breathing, walking, bending, lifting and other simple daily movements. Through further sensory-motor experiencing, the client learns to embody the qualities of efficient and graceful movement during more complex activities in work or leisure environments. By perpetuating balanced body use, the client fully embodies her  experience.

The Movement process may occur within the bodywork session and can also take place in separate movement lessons.