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Cupping, a form of inverse of massage, is a trending therapy brought to popularity by athletes like Michael Phelps in the Rio Olympics, noted by the purple circles left on the athlete’s skin. However the therapy dates back nearly 3,000 to ancient China, and has been used widely in Eastern culture for a long time. This technique is used to mobilize blood flow to local areas on the body, and designed to help treat pain, deep scar tissues in the muscles and connective tissues, muscle knots and swelling. In traditional Chinese medicine, the theory is that cupping can influence the flow of energy “qi” through the body. If someone’s flow is blocked, the doctor must use cupping to impact the flow. Western medicine focuses more on how the therapy helps muscles and blood flow, particularly in athletes. 

There is a difference between how cupping is done now in Western medicine to how is was practiced in traditional Chinese Medicine. Ancient Chinese therapies came alongside a larger health check, whereas Americans prefer to try cupping by itself for therapy. The procedure begins with a hot glass cup that is placed on the skin, and as the air inside the cup cools, it creates a vacuum, causing the skin inside the area to rise and blood to flow. Mechanical devices are also incorporated to further increase blood flow and movement. Blood flow is an important part of the healing process, as it helps bring fresh oxygenated blood to the affected areas, which is how our body heals. The facing of blood flow to specific areas that cupping provides will be able to address any type of ailment. Blood flow is also important in the process of removing of toxins from your body, and encouraging it through cupping is a great way to help your detox system flush out these toxins. 

The suction and negative pressure found in cupping can loosen muscles and alleviate soreness and pain, encourage blood flow for the release of toxins, and also sedate the nervous system. The calming of the nervous system is an excellent treatment for high blood pressure, depression and anxiety. This type of therapy is also widely used to relieve back and neck pains, migraines, rheumatism, and even cellulite, by focusing blood flow to specific areas of the body to promote movement and healing. Anyone who can find a benefit in massage therapy can also find therapy in a cupping session. 

This beneficial therapy can be enjoyed in a relaxing spa environment, right here at A Beautiful You. Having the opportunity to relax while also resetting your muscles and blood flow throughout your body will be the ultimate pamper and favor you will be doing to your body, in multiple ways. A cupping session will be similar to a massage session, with a relaxing environment while also having a rejuvenating affect. Cupping is an extremely versatile method used widely by both professional athletes for muscle rejuvenation as well as those who suffer from a wide array of health conditions, both mental and physical, and has many benefits that can fit anyone’s needs.